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«Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.» - Rob Siltanen

«Changemakers» is a piece about passionate dancers with their visions. It is a piece about passionate characters, a bunch with totally different ideas and ideologies, which are all meeting together on stage and starting to communicate. They are marked as crazy people oustide of the stage: crazy to have founded a new dance company, crazy to dream about a successful future. But this harebraned bunch finds a safe harbour together on stage.
«Changemakers» is a piece full of movement and energy choreographed by the Merge Dance Collective.

Length: 20 minutes

Music: Theo Diedenhofen
Costume: Jamina Vjosa Dervishaj
Choreography and dance: Arlette Dellers, Franka Feder, Niki Stalder, Linda Heller, Sandra Albrecht, Tatjana Mahlke, Juliane Steenbeck, Audrey Wagner


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13. November 2020 | Tanzfestival | Winterthur



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